Discovery Flight versus Intro Flight


A Discovery Flight allows one individual to ride in the Co-Pilot Seat allowing to See and Hear everything that is being accomplished by the Pilot to get flying. The flight course will be over Newburgh and East side Evansville so many sights to see at 1000'. As an added bonus during the flight the Pilot will explain a few items which is needed to fly the aircraft, then near the end of the flight the Pilot will allow his "Co-Pilot" to take the controls and Pilot the aircraft. Completing straight and level and possibly turns. On this flight up to 2 additional passengers are allowed to go with in the back seat. Weight restrictions do apply.

An Intro Flight is a true Flight Lesson with a FAA Certified Instructor. On this lesson it starts with ground discussion around the airplane learning about the basic flight controls, aerodynamics, engine, and airport procedures. They will then be put in the Pilot seat and shown how to operate the controls needed for the lesson. They will then do 100% of the flight. Taxi, Take Off, Fly, and Land. Due to the nature of this flight and that the Passenger "Student" will have full access to the controls no other people are allowed to ride along.

Big Differences

Discovery - Co-Pilot Seat, 5 min Control Time, up to 2 additional (3 total) riders

Intro - Pilot Seat, Full Control Time, No Passengers

Discovery Flight Info Sheet

Intro Flight Lesson Info Sheet