Aircraft Purchasing Service

"We Make Buying an Airplane easier than Buying a Car"


X-Cell Aviation knows that buying an airplane can be a whole new experience. You don't know what to look for! That is why we are here to help. Owning your own aircraft is closer that you think. A personal assistant will guide you through the entire process of identifying what type of aircraft you are in the market for, help you choose that aircraft based on what performance and versatility you are looking for searching for aircraft, test flights, pre-buy inspection, financing, and insurance. We will search for the aircraft for you and look at aircraft you choose as possible purchases. Of these aircraft we will accompany you to view and test fly the aircraft to ensure of its quality and value. Our personal trusted mechanic will perform a thorough Pre-Buy Inspection to further ensure the purchase.

X-Cell Aviation will also help locate a Financing Institution to make the process even smoother. We also will help locate the best insurance policy available for you.

Maybe a Partnership is better for you. X-Cell Aviation would love to help put partners together so you can own your airplane.

We want you to be in the Airplane of your Dreams!!

Service Fee 5% of Final Aircraft Purchase Price (Includes Test Flights and 1 Pre-Buy Inspection)

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